Pre-Primary Admission

Documents required at the time of Admission
  1. Passport size photograph and photocopy of Birth Certificate
  2. Airpay Admission Form payment receipt
  3. Grade 1 and above need to submit LC from the previous institution attended, along with all academic records of previous school.
  4. Proof of residence, if applying in the Rustomjee Residents quota, only applicable for flat-owners, and not tenants.
  5. Proof of sibling (Copy of fee receipt of sibling), if applying in the Sibling quota.  Kindly note Cousins are not counted in the sibling category. siblings are those that belong to the same biological parents.
  6. Proof of employee, if applying in the Rustomjee Staff quota. Submit a letter from your department head confirming you are an employee of Rustomjee
  7. Stationery box, if you child is appearing for diagnostic test for Grade 1 and above