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Troopers Election

posted 9 Aug 2011, 00:34 by Licksie Jacinto   [ updated 11 Aug 2011, 21:10 ]

Training the Leaders  [Election] - This ceremony was held on 29th July 2011.
the elected leaders were honoured on this occasion
with responsibility and were determined to render their services in school.

Head Boy - Mst. Pratham Kamath IV-A
Head Girl - Ms. Prishita Shah - IV- D

        House                             House Mistress                         Captain                                         Vice Caption

1.     Blue                       Ms. Mitali Chakraborty        Mst. Ayush Modi [IV-E]                Miss Kanak Chowdhary [IV-A]

2.    Green                    Ms. Ginny Carvalho               Miss. Rhea Prabhu [IV-D]             Miss Advika Talekar [IV-B]

3.    Red                        Ms. Natalie D'sa                        Miss Anjali Warrier [IV-H]    
       Miss Roshni Iddya [IV-B]

4.   Yellow                   Ms. Rosemarie Dias     
          Miss Yesha Trivedi [IV-F]            Mst. Mohit Makwana [IV-E]